APPLES Marketing Strategy Workbook 

As an ex-advertising agency owner, my time spent in Corporate America as an International Product Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing, VP Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, as well as a business and marketing consultant, too often businesses have not developed a clear and concise plan to grow their business.


Why?  In my opinion, it starts with not knowing the right questions to ask themselves.  Especially given a variety of possible challenges facing their business.

That's why I created this program, APPLES Marketing Strategy Workbook.

This 40-page, workbook guides you through a scope of questions to help you and your team focus on building your plan. It challenges you to ask the tough questions about your business and a process to work through your planning. 


  • Audience 

  • Perception (of your products/services and company)

  • Product 

  • Leveragability (of your business in the market) 

  • Engagement 

  • Strategy

You need to have a clear strategic vision of what you are trying to accomplish.


Whether you are building and strengthening a vertical relationship, connecting compatible businesses, adding on product lines, expanding geographically, or growing your market share... the key is to clearly understand the details of your strategic reasoning.

Planning is also a team sport…not conducted in silos, as every discipline has an impact on all others in the business.

Use this workbook by yourself or include your team to ensure you are taking a holistic view of your business.

With over 50 questions, worksheet, and summary on-page plan worksheet, this process will keep you focused on the important questions and the information you need to build your business and to keep you on the road to growth.

APPLES Strategy Framework
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