National Merchants Association
Building Awareness

Situation: National Merchants Association’s headquarters is in Temecula, CA, but as an organization, they were virtually unknown in their own backyard.  Launching a new hiring program, as well as a new sales program into the community, they needed to build awareness.

Strategy: Build awareness of the company as the best place to work.  Primarily promote job opportunities within the community, as well as among businesses to get the company and its values known.  And, what local business wouldn't like to do business with other local businesses.


  • Pre-campaign awareness in the Temecula Valley of NMA was 18%.

  • After 60 days of the campaign being in market, awareness levels rose to 38%.

  • Approximately 30% of all job applications within the same time period were a direct result of the campaign.

Ads in Local Business Publicatons

Ads in Local Mall


Ads in Grocery Stores

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